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Down bynine point three percent of the year andunit rents falling by seven point sevenpercent Hobart's housing market hasgathered some momentum during to bethe third best performing capital cityafter Sydney and Melbourne based on theannual rate of growth how about unitvalues are rising in ato rate than house values which is atrend that's unique to hobart in sydneyhouse values rose by five point sixpercent over the past year while unitvalues are up by twelve point ninepercent as the housing market improvesproperties are now selling faster than ayear ago and transaction activity isholding reasonably firm Darwin which isthe weakest performing capital citybased on the annual change in dwellingvalues saw the value of properties fallfurther in july since dwelling valuespeaked in.

A r at the end ratherthan like Lisa from The Simpsons, so Pre-launch % off, $. for that kit. Ifyou sign up before pre-launch and then we're going to launch it on the st of October.Looking forward to that, had some huge interest in this product, super exciting. I'll probablydo a podcast which explains in detail exactly what it is at a later date. Alright, I willleave you there, now I'm just rambling. Until tomorrow remember that your long term successwelcome to court logics monthly housingmarket update for August earlierthis month we saw the Reserve Bank cutinterest rates for the second time thisyear taking the cash rate down to ahistoric low of .% the rates decisioncame a day after corelogic reported aslowdown in the rate of growth acrossthe housing market with dwelling valuesrising . percent over the month acrossthe hedonic home value index whiledwelling values are still risingimportantly the annual pace of growthwas the lowest since September highlighting that housing marketconditions appear to be softer thanpreviously thought.

valuations are either inflatedor deflated so sometimes let's say fortax purposes or something it can be inthe IP owners interest to have a lowervaluation let's say they shifting IPfrom Malaysia to another country andthey have to pay capital gains tax onthe sale of that if they selling it to asubsidiary or related party they mightwant to have a lower value so you canget quality valuations I guess the firstthing in terms of how can you either asa as someone who's commissioningevaluation or if you using evaluation ina transaction you know first andforemost I suppose it's the thereputation and experience of the valuein question so you know some values willbe registered values of one sort oranother so it's checking up whether roomwhether that's a body that is well-knownand well-respected and also whether ithas little compliance and qualitycontrol because you certainly are ICS ifyou carry out poor evaluations you getstruck off their list of registeredvalues and be kind of publicly denouncedso those are those are important aspectsultimately you know valuer kind of livesdies by their opinion because anevaluation isn't a precise scienceyou've got to exercise judgment and ifyou are shown to be a gun for hire Ithink your credibility goes down.

I think fomo captures a lot of people who buy andfurious stop just because they confuseactivity Sydney Property Valuers with accomplishment yeah I lovethat I'm buying a property so thereforei'm in the market yeah but it's it'swhen we've got and we've talked abouthead winds coming I manmostly confident that the clientsproperties that we're buying clientswill serve them well during thoseheadwinds and not only that will beready to pick up more quality assetsduring that time in a pre-emptiveaccumulation phase for the long gamebecause we know in the cities and theareas that we're buying and we know whatthe the outlook looks like in terms oftheir long-term growth so so asubsection of that is you know foam ohfor sure but if someone if someone's gotthe fear of missing out and theyactually buy good properties that's okaybut quite often it's the fear of usagain there by rubbish correct and yeahthey play the long game and thenultimately because you'll find that in amarketplace once.

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I'm not actuallysure how they work or if they work is there's property options.So Perth Property Valuers this is, you go to someoneand say, "I'm going to pay you $, or $, for the option to buy your property at thisset price in the next five years and so just like you do options in stocks which you maybe familiar with or not but basically you have the ability if you want to exercise thatoption which means you can buy a property, you can buy the property at that price. Sowhat now could happen is that property goes up in value and it goes up in value beyondthe price that you have the option for; well that difference in an actual value of theproperty and the option that you have may mean that you can get a loan without payingdeposit because the equity becomes a deposit. But most lenders will value your property.

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