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The first inflatable craft ever built by the Alson company was inaugurated in 1971 in Milan.

The company was once very small and the director of it was Walter Falsoni, both owner and designer. After seven years, on April 16 1978, W. Falsoni inaugurated the first inflatable craft with a fibreglass keel ever built in Italy.

First italian inflatable boat with VTR Keel

Since then many changes have come along here at Alson: the main construction centre has been moved to Osnago, a showroom has been opened in Milan and we have as many as 15 different models on the market from our little Pram 200 to the magnificent and superb Charme 43.

Each model has it’s own original qualities that only a company like Alson, which has kept it’s originality and creativity throughout the years, can have. This means that everything is still hand made in a secure and very efficient way but especially with passion.

Let’s see how: once the material is selected it stays in our warehouses for at least 4 months, which are beneficial for giving the material unique sturdiness and resistance to abrasions: the more caoutchouc gets older the better it gets. After it has been treated with sand-paper the material is glued together manually. This is when another resting period, singular characteristic for all Alson boats, begins. The tubulars are seasoned for three months before being assembled to the keel, to guarantee a perfect air-pressure stability in all temperatures. These procedures give our inflatable boats all the constructive characteristics and the comfort that are totally unique and unbeatable. The interior part of the keel, the living space, is designed personally by Walter Falsoni to give enough stowage compartments so that everything has it’s own space and each passenger has it’s own safe and comfortable seat.

The external part of the keel is designed in a way that even in adverse weather conditions passengers will not get wet by unexpected splashes. Our boats can reach incredible speeds without batting an eye and because of their unique keel design they are perfectly seaworthy vessels giving you the possibility to make mistakes on turning excluding the risk of flipping over.

The various accessories give Alson vessels every usage possibility. They are definitely the kind of vessel you want when your friends come along to relax, when the entertainment of special clients has to be just perfect despite the weather, or when you and your mate want to escape to beautiful creeks or beaches. We also give you the possibility to personalize your boat by choosing it’s colour from standard grey to white with blue or green finishings.

To finish off, whoever wants to delight oneself fishing, scuba-diving, camping, water-skiing or just simply going for a ride through the waves Alson vessels are ideal for whatever you want to do.

Alson uses only the best raw materials for the realization of our vessels.

For the construction of the tubulars only PENNEL & FLIPOI and AERAZUR materials are used and special bonding of neophrene and hypalon give our material guaranteed resistance against atmospheric agents, aging and hydrocarbons.


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